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The Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program

The Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program is the only complete, practical business training program for internet entrepreneurs, not available anywhere else.

Have You Always Wanted To Be Your Own Boss and Become an Internet Entrepreneur?

The Unique online Entrepreneurs Integrated Internet Business Training Program will show you how to make your dreams come true, unleash your potential, and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in you. Create true financial freedom, and achieve success online, by making money as an internet business entrepreneur working from home, doing what you love to do. 

If you would like some inspiration and motivation take a look at these inspirational and motivational quotes and positive thinking quotes to help you change your life now.

Our unique Entrepreneurs Protégé Program is an Advanced Step-by-Step Personal Mentoring Business Development System, designed to help you to build your business up to a potential

within the shortest possible time.

Look at the Benefits of an Internet Business where anyone can succeed and achieve Financial Freedom and Success

This is A Totally Unique, Online, Integrated Internet Business Training Program You Can Do Anytime You Want, Anyplace You Want, Anywhere in the World

This unique Program is a complete online internet business web development system integrated into a single unbelievably effective strategy. You get absolutely everything you need in this online training suite,  totally integrated and available 24/7. All you need is access to the internet. The Program provides:

Computer Based Training Stages of Web Development course: quality content & rich media educational course
Unique Entrepreneurs Protégé Program: step-by-step format that's simple and easy to follow
Personal Business Mentors and Personal Development Coaching: Personalized attention for your own individual needs and requirements
Professional Bespoke Internet Business Ecommerce Website for a credible dynamic online business
Real Internet Business Solutions and Services to grow your business

The exclusive Entrepreneurs Protégé Program integrates with 13 logical Stages of Web Development that will take you from a complete internet novice to a corporate thinker. Every Stage of Web Development includes related Topics and Subjects with super Video Tutorials to show you exactly what to do and how everything works.

The Program provides a complete step by step interactive training experience for non-technical business owners or students wanting to learn; be aware of, and understand the practical skills for starting an internet business, improving an existing business, or further expansion and development for a credible and successful internet business.

Watch the Entrepreneurs Program Virtual Tour and See How Everything is Integrated for Your Success

This Unique Integrated Training Program is for everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit - young entrepreneurs; women entrepreneurs; mature students or anyone who wants business success online. You don't have to be a 'techie', employ staff, and you don't even have to own a computer - you could work from an internet cafe or use a friend's computer!! You can operate from anywhere in the world.

You don't need thick manuals or instruction books; you don't need to attend an IT technical course or learn programming before you start - all you need are a few basic skills and you're on the starting line.

Starting a web based business and building a home based internet business requires the best integrated business development program, along with personal mentoring from internet coaches; using real time computer based tailored ebusiness training courses to provide a business home internet resource with everything in one place.  That's what this unique Program provides.

Anyone can succeed and achieve financial freedom with the Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program
The Complete Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program Combines:

Unique Entrepreneurs Protégé Program Super Bonus
Your Very Own Personal Mentor to hold your hand all the way
Interactive Online Computer Based Training for 13 Stages of Web Development
Superb Professional Ecommerce Website with many extras
Management and Control Features and Panels

All these give YOU a single unbelievably effective strategy which brings together so many of the most effective marketing and business development techniques from the worlds best systems.

Unique Entrepreneurs Protégé Program Super Bonus

The Unique Entrepreneurs Protégé Program Super Bonus  is an Advanced Step-by-Step Personal Mentoring Internet Business Development System, based on the most powerful business development system specifically created for the IT Industry designed to help you to build your business up to a potential six-figure income level within the shortest possible time. The step-by-step format is highly effective and takes you from amateur to seasoned pro very quickly with a wealth of valuable tools, techniques and resources for a highly successful Internet business.

Look at the 21 Point Summary of Contents and see for yourself.

Personal Mentors Dedicated to You

All our online Internet Business Mentors have proven experience of creating their own (internet business) web sites, coaching others, and track records of creating ongoing passive income. Our mentoring and personal development coaching program is unique in that we also mentor our participants in life skills, small business, entrepreneurship and personal development, with each student receiving personalized attention according to their own individual needs and requirements.

Your own Personal Mentor works with you every step of the way, and provides personal development coaching from the start of the Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program through to the end, and beyond that too, if you still want support.  These are the mentors who have the background, knowledge and experience to motivate, encourage and work with you to achieve your dreams.

This Program Also Offers Additional Coaching and Mentor Support
Unlike most other Training Programs, we don't cut our students off at the end of the Program, but offer ongoing mentor support  and continued access to the course content for as long as each student chooses.

The Unique Interactive Online Computer Based Training Course - Not Available Anywhere Else

Our Computer Based Training (CBT) is the most comprehensive interactive practical training course  that provides you with the know-how of doing business on the internet, and getting it right. There is masses of quality cutting edge information and advice, plus 'how to' video tutorials to show you exactly what it's about, and how simple things are when someone shows you how to do it

This is not just an online training course - there's much more

The Course covers every aspect of the real practicalities and task know-how for everything you need to know and do. You are provided with all the tips, tricks and techniques that really work. The course includes:

13 Stages of Web Development with

 100s of bite-size Topics and Subjects - masses of information and resources at every stage
 100s of  'How To'  Video Tutorials- everything is easy when you are shown how
 Interactive Checklists to ensure you don't miss a thing at any Stage
 Quizzes to test your knowledge as you go along
 Online Personalized Communications System for one-to-one coaching and group activities
 100s of Articles for all Topics and Subjects
 100s of Ebooks and Software relevant to each Stage of Development
 Private Entrepreneurs Forum - network with like-minded entrepreneurs
 Bonuses and Discounts - at all the 13 Stages of Development
 Online Jotter - you don't need manuals, notepaper or pens
 Online Roladex to capture all your useful links for the future
 Student Awards: Super Certificates and Final Diploma - to display your qualifications!!
 Real Time Progress Reporting System - always know your results and progress to date
 Complete Self-Management and Control - work the program to suit yourself

Three CEO Website Package Options to suit your Skills

This unique Program includes three CEO Website Package options which have been assembled to enable students to choose the way they develop their internet business website, at whatever skills level or speed they prefer.

  • Some students may wish to learn by taking a management and supervisory role, and have all the work done for them initially, including the design, content and marketing, to jump start their businesses, and then pick up the reins from then on.

  • Some may want a complete professional system built for them with a custom designed ecommerce website and then simple tools to manage the site from then on, and add their own content, set up their own ezine, and so on.

  • Some would prefer to be more 'hands on' right from the start, and do everything by themselves, working from scratch.  This option is for those who want the benefits of a Personal Mentor, Protégé Program Module, and the Stages of Development Course, and want to provide their own website (or may already have one).

Program Opportunities for Entrepreneurship Educational Establishments

The Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program is designed to merge or plug-in to entrepreneurship training courses offered by Universities and Business Colleges, and will complement academic learning and fundamental business training. The Program is completely practical, completely non-technical, and totally geared to creating, operating and managing an internet business. This is not just ecommerce, it's the whole gambit including internet-specific strategies and techniques not normally included as part of the curriculum for business educational courses.

Integrating the Program with Academic Entrepreneurial & Business Courses
Establishments can select how they would like to apply the Program to their own Entrepreneurial Degree or Business Courses, which might be:

1. As an Extra Curricula Activity
2. As a Plug-in for Student's Control & Empowerment
3. As Establishment Controlled Modular Access

Educational establishments have their own Corporate Admin Control with Management Panels and Tutor Panels providing full reporting systems with progress reports for each student, in real time, so that Course Tutors can see exactly how their students are progressing on the Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program.

Become an Internet Entrepreneur

The exclusive Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program will unleash your potential, and the entrepreneurial spirit in you. You can be your own boss, create true financial freedom, and achieve success online, by making money from home on the internet as a web entrepreneur.

A Unique and Powerful Combination Training System for Internet Entrepreneurs to Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

If you want a work at home computer based business and to learn how to start and promote an internet business, then the Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program is for you. The combination of the Protégé Program tailored to meet your bespoke requirements, your own Personal Internet Coaching Mentor, the online Stages of Web Development Training Course, your own Professional Website Development, with all the Services and Solutions you will ever need, are all integrated into a single unbelievably effective strategy to provide you with the most powerful, complete internet business development system available.

Do You Have a Wish List for The Perfect Business?

Could this be your Wish List? If it could, then this Program Can Grant Your Wishes and Fulfil Your Dreams! But only if you have the desire to control your own destiny, have a 'portable' business, create a new lifestyle, whilst selling your products and services all around the world.

You will not find another Program like it on the whole of the web. It is the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs who want a solid, credible internet business, want everything they need from one source, and want a dedicated expert to guide and encourage them all the way.

It's all so easy, because the Entrepreneurs Internet Business Training Program focuses on business, and not technology.  Everything is explained in plain English with no jargon or fancy words, just plain simple English that even a child can understand. It doesn't matter if you've never been in business before, you will be able to succeed with this Program.

Take the Program Virtual Tour and See How Everything is Integrated for Your Success

Anyone with an Entrepreneur's mindset, any age, can succeed with this Unique Program


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